About Us

Rock and roll collectibles started out as an Instagram account showing my personal collection of wrestling, horror and music figures. When I was a child I had all of the WWF figures and regrettably got rid of them. When going to toy stores in Las Vegas and finding some of those figures I used to have as a kid it bought back the love I had and started the collecting once again. The only thing I struggled with was getting hold of the awesome figures from the US to the UK without the painful charges and fees. So, I thought I must not be the only one so i decided to expand rock and roll collectibles into a store. Making it easier for anyone over the world to get a hold of those rare, collectible and exclusive figures. So, if you're looking for any wrestling, horror or music figures or memorabilia then look no further. . . Join the revolution.

We aim to provide competitive prices, easy communication, reliable packaging and some kick ass figs! We will only send out how we would like to recieve.

A thank you to all of those who have supported rock and roll collectibles since day one and shown love to the collection, shown me theirs and pushed us to expand like we now have. Without the motivation from you we wouldnt have been able to do this. We are a community and we all share the love of collecting. A massive thank you from us at rock and roll collectibles.